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Selling only fashion accessories, BOTINI ACCESSORIES does not fit into all segments of the vast fashion market. We have re-designed fashion through accessories. This is how we claim that the accessory is the detail that makes each individual's look unique… special.

Based in Casablanca (Morocco), a city renowned for its cultural diversity, our policy is exactly based on this cultural diversity aimed at integrating it into our products, our corporate culture and the policy of each department. The idea is to bring together and federate all kinds of communities around the brand and primarily African communities.

Thus, Botini Accessories aims to participate in the flowering of Africa by using its resources and its local know-how associated with Western techniques in order to exploit them wisely and to put them to good use at all scales.

"Innovation, Leadership and surpassing oneself", these are the 3 main foundations of the brand's culture which exactly reflect the image of the brand, which is intended to be dynamic and to create value from a point of view. social and economic view.

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In more than 5 years of activity, we have succeeded in positioning ourselves as the leaders of the bracelet sector in Morocco without counting our numerous collaborations with major brands such as Unilever or the Sofitel Tour Blanche Casablanca.

When the doors are closed, build a new one.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.