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Size Guide

How to determine your bracelet size?

The size of the bracelet is a crucial step when you want to buy a bracelet.

It is important to choose the size according to the comfort you want to have while wearing your jewel, i.e. if

you like them tight or loose for example. It is therefore important to know your wrist size beforehand.

To measure your wrist size, use a threadthick average that you will then roll up

around your wrist to finally measure the length using the ruler.

After determining your wrist size, choose the size of the bracelet according to the size guide that follows. If you want them loosened add 1 to 2 cm.

If you offer the bracelet as a gift, you can send us a photo of the wrist of the person to whom you intend to offer it by whats app: +212605164204 and our teams will determine the size.

According to our statistics, 42% of men have M+ wrist sizes against 40% for M sizes.

Men's bracelet size guide in centimeters and inches

Although we specialize in men's jewelry, we also offer a

range of jewelry for couples. The majority of these jewels are directly adjustable on the wrist, but there remains

however important to know the size guide for women's bracelets.


How to determine your ring size?

There are two main ways to determine your ring size.

The first is simply to measure the circumference of the finger you wish to wear the ring using a wire or

of a ribbon.

The second way is to measure the diameter of a ring you already have.

When you have determined these distances in millimeters (mm), you can establish a correspondence using the table following that allows you to define ring sizes according to the numbering systems of each

part of the world.

Ring size guide cm

Determine your size using a ring sizer

You can also download and print our ring sizer below in full size available in PDF format. 

It has ribbons to cut that can help you determine your wrist and ring size.

Size guide botini